What do we have to do?

​What do we have to do?

We have to teach people why this election was different and why it is unacceptable to elect someone like Mr Trump (a racist, a bully, an attacker of women, a deceiver and proven liar and on and on) ever again in the future.

We have to work WITH Mr Trump in the meantime to help encourage the most favorable outcome possible for his time in office.

We have to learn and acknowledge what WE have ALL contributed to help arrive at this place.  It didnt start with just this election.

We have to remove the barriers of ‘us’ vs ‘them’.   We all know people we love, friends and family on ‘the other side.’  Stop feeling better than others and realize they probably have legitimate points to make.  Listen.

We have to stop relying on our government to fix things.  These problems are ours the people and WE are the answer to fixing them.  Own them.

We have to stop the violence.  
The hatred.  The fear.   The threats.
Spread love.

We have to learn to be able to Disagree, Communicate AND Compromise in how we work, live and govern together. Support your fellow brothers and sisters.

We have to learn how to coexist in and with our world.  We don’t actually have an option here.

This will be an evolving list.