One of my favorites, a release in troubled times. Speak the words aloud for healing.

Release it, let it go
Be well whence the wind blow
Forever it seems

Forever in dreams
Now as near
Then as far

How we hold this
Dream,  in a jar.
Like all we know this

All but afar.
Now we hold this
Will we let it go

Shall we know this
Where shall it go
And all we know.

Still we hold this,
Now we let it go.

Listen to Impnes – Release by scotlee #np on #SoundCloud

Paint Me an Image

Paint me an image
a long held place
which lies there beyond,

A simple place.

Paint me an image
a smile, a dream
the ones i see

In sites unseen

Paint me an image
the one, made of dust
alive by tears

And held by rust

Paint me an image
my heart held true
and what it hopes

Will hold anew

Paint me an image
one made of song
the joy of life

Uncertainty gone

Paint me an image
and give it life
then there I’ll go

With no mirror for strife.

Listen to – Paint Me an Image by scotlee #np on #SoundCloud