Does Mindfulness Mean Anything? : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR

Astrophysicist, Adam Frank, looks into the realm and relationship of spirituality and science regularly in his NPR stories.   Today he specifically looks at the science supporting ‘mindfulness’ and how while there may be some evidence supporting benefits of mindfulness,  the current answer is there is still just much we do not know.

A Crisis at the Edge of Physics –

Science grapples with the question and potential entrapment of adherence to the verifiable path that science dictates.

Modern science and the scientific method are more than foundational, this is the accepted method for which we perceive our existence and our encumbent interactions with our world.

But as quantum physics has demonstrated, there are limits to our ability to observe existence.   The observer effects the results of what is ‘seen.’

It would seem we might benefit from the use of multiple methods or paths to understanding our reality(s).