The UN Creates a Vision

UN sets goal to end poverty, hunger in next 15 years

We must try for such things if ever we are to reach them.  Ending poverty and hunger, gender equality, and environmental protection all on a global scale!

What a wonderful message though sadly world peace was not included as one of the goals. But unanimous UN support is most impressive.

And no, it is not too much to ask for. We must simply try.

Wave the White Flag Society

Aggression, whatever the purpose, does not work. It breeds sadness, discontent and an unrest that only leads to further aggression.

The force for good (as defined by a life that supports the ‘happiness’ of ourselves and others) is most effective and best applied indirectly.

The declaration of truce as occurs with the waving of a white flag in advance of conflict truly is the great symbol for the desire of a mutually supportive coexistence.

Here lies peace and opportunity for change and more importantly places us in a unique disposition for potential harmony with others.  It is NOT a place of weakness nor an invitation for dominance. It is a testament for strength. And it is harmony’s gateway.

There are few more powerful and universal statements than to Wave the White Flag.

And therein lies the opportunity.