Will history show there to be anything considered more barbarous and self-destructive to our species than the 20th century creations of broad application antibiotics and putting humans behind the wheel of cars?

Bloodletting and leeches at least had limited reach to harm others.

NPR Story on The Need for a New Paradigm for Quantum Physics

While perhaps not the point of the story, I find this a convenient summation of Quantum Mechanics’ key components for reference. For while I enjoy considering the possibilities which quantum theories might create, I am no expert nor master of the subject and perhaps this is helpful for other enthusiasts as it is for me.

NPR: Quantum Physics and the Need for a New Paradigm

Update: The UN Creates a Vision

An update to an earlier post.

What is called the Sustainable Development Goals by the UN has taken its next step by being adopted by the UN assembly this past Friday.

And I understand now that while not directly identified as a goal, world peace is hoped to be a derivative of these goals as an indirect outcome by addressing many of the underlying causes of conflict.

Read more about this new hope for humanity’s world here:

NY Times : UN Adopts Ambitious Goals

To Stay Within One’s Shadow

Today, I shall try to stay within my shadow. To avoid rushing so, ever reaching for the next thought,  the next place, the next task…
these things too will fall within my shadow, in time.

In this way I shall remain whole, alive in the moment, with an awareness for existence gained no other way.  And alive with actions taken by choice and thoughtfulness.

Namaste my coexistents.