Time for Love – Not Hate

​I congratulate my political opponents. Your voice has been heard. 

While I will hope for the best, I will vigorously fight the worst in the form of peaceful protests and civil disobedience when called for as I have just become a political activist. The cause is too great.  The Great Wildcard has been drawn.

Those of us who stand for something different than Mr Trump, there is truly a great opportunity now.  Love.  Anytime we see hate represented or begin to feel such a response in ourselves, it is more important than ever that we CHOOSE to show LOVE.  Love CAN become our new voice, in time.  It is what lends reason and meaning for existence and there is no greater cause.

I choose love.

After Paris: Reason, Faith, Love

A poetic statement of perspective by Adam Frank on the modern human condition and it’s dealings with  events like this past weekend in Paris and Beirut.

After Paris: Reason, Faith, Love

My own concerns are where our paths from here lead and how likely they will lead to more violence and with violence begetting only more violence. We tend to keep ourselves in such sad, vicious cycles.


Will history show there to be anything considered more barbarous and self-destructive to our species than the 20th century creations of broad application antibiotics and putting humans behind the wheel of cars?

Bloodletting and leeches at least had limited reach to harm others.