Poetry, life, the pursuit of wisdom and a better way.


I am Scot Lee, the Impnes Poet; a pilgrim of existence and a seeker for meaning.

My reality is engaged daily in the routine of humble existence through employment and life’s intrinsic obligations, opportunities, and pursuits.  I have no delusion to my place amongst others and am very much human in my faults and shortcomings.  

But I hold a vision and an embrace for how I see a meaning for this world and Impnes.com is that expression.

I am not an expert of the areas I frequently venture into discussion with and am humbly cognizant for my reliance of information from more learned souls. I am also not a scientist but I am a believer in the foundation of enlightened thought that is anchored upon the learnings obtained via the scientific method. That said, I do not feel limited nor constrained to venture into the unknown and even the mystical as I believe there is so much more to our existence that our learning has yet to demonstrably identify. I also do so with the idea that science and other learning may help me shape my perspectives (and prove me utterly wrong in time) …and I think that a good thing. Science has always been a process of evolving thought as new knowledge is introduced along the way and I think that a good approach to maintain in my own life’s perspectives.

Science, in time, is the method to teach us ‘what exists’ but it does not give us ‘meaning.’ I believe that meaning best comes from embracing the full array of all available tenets for enlightenment.

Impnes.com as a Platform
Impnes.com also currently provides a platform for each of the following movements and inspirations.


For the goodness of us all, for the hope of tomorrow…

A simple statement in belief for an accepted universal code of humanity. A common ground for us all to stand together individually and as the human race; a moral code that can be shared by all that is separate from if not beyond religion.


A symbolic movement and a practical methodology for Peace. “There is always an alternative to war.”


The search and exploration for meaning in this existence.


A recipe for a simple application of a measure for the sustainability in a given action. A methodology for how we can apply sustainability to our daily lives.


Because we truly are all in this together… there is no them, only us .

As to poetry? I have but to say

‘Oh Captain, my captain.’

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