If you can perceive it, you can influence it.
That which can be perceived can then be touched.

Knowledge contests perception.
Familiarity clouds our reception.

Any exchange of energy between anything begets an exchange of energy with everything.
Everything is connected.

We are already dead and yet to be born.
Time does not exist beyond the perception of norm.

We do not know the answers because we do not know the questions.
We are limited by imagination and conditioning of perception.

Everything is not only possible but implicit to existence though not to everything that exist.
The potential of the individual is limitless within their existence.
It is completely within the scope that anything imaginable can, has, or will happen but not for every perception.
The receiver of perception is the limiter of the infinite.

Anything that can happen will.
But not everything can happen to everything.

Welcome to heaven. Welcome to hell.
what more could we possibly ask than to be given the ability to imagine that whichever we want. the greatest pleasures, the greatest rewards, the things that bring you individually the greatest happiness?
and then there is hell.
if we did not have hell, there could be no heaven. we must help ourselves and others through the hell of this life as best we may and we must work to make this place the heaven we hope it can be for all.

That, is our life’s mission.

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