Ramblings….Quantum Communication?

In the realm of consideration of possibilities. ..

I believe there shall be a time, perhaps not too distant with the path of learning of which we seem to be on, wherein we will find not only the existence of other life but an almost limitless wealth of it spread throughout existence.

With the potential of such as we have learned through quantum entanglement wherein particles over a span of distance have been found to be interconnected on a level that defies our traditional concept of distance and of time, some possibilities seem to beg for exploration.

As this interconnectivity exceeds even our understanding of the limitations of the speed of light,  it is conceivable there is a veritable plethora of communication already in existence across the cosmos using these quantum principals.

Perhaps there might just be a method to communicate (and more) intergalactically and beyond utilizing the quantum entanglement theory. If not by this theory specifically, then another shall emerge related that effectively dwindles the span of the universe as we have done on a planetary level in our recent past.

Maybe the phone is already ringing, and we now just need to find the receiver to answer the call.

One thought on “Ramblings….Quantum Communication?

  1. So of course this idea begs what would be the source of such a pairing of particles to enable universal connection by this means? ?

    Perhaps the one thing we know that permeates all of known existence. … the background ‘noise’ from the start of the universe. Might their be a pairing of particles created from this source? Perhaps even a consistent stream of them that might be effected in such a way as this?


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