Definitive Quantum Entanglement Test Findings


View the Story from Nature Here

This ‘definitive’ test reportedly lays to rest some of the basic questions and debate about the validity of quantum mechanics and the quantum state of particles.  It is specific to the subject of cyber security but the implications go far beyond.

This finding demonstrates the potential connectivity of matter and energy and how their relation can be defined by the observer. Which is another way of saying that any potential and every potential outcome in the relationship of matter exists when observed in the right way.

The idea that particle effects can be measured, reliably, over a span of .8 miles at the atomic level as was done in this test is really quite incredible in and of itself.

But the potential from this theory (not a new one but heretofore left some small room for doubters) is, in my opinion, the stuff of infinite ramifications in how we can shape our idea of existence and the interconnectivity of our world. This research would seem to remove all existing doubt with regards to the entanglement theory’s validity.

Potentially, everything in existence can be similarly related and our reality within, is our perception.


Here’s a link to another article from NewScientist on the test that does a very nice job of summing up the findings and their significance.

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