Meaning’s Path

a bit of a meandering path sometimes, but it is there all the same… awaiting our footsteps.

Meaning’s Path

the sun she shines so bright
a warmth that lingers
and lightens the way

to the place i might while squinting still, find yet some other way

hello there! greets yon enchanting hill
and beckons there glistening
a comforting place to fill,

the tears of past goodbyes
and in a place of reckoning
for all the questions why

let me see here
why my map now shows gray
though the timeless footsteps hold
a confidence at play

why yes, i hear it
there’s that catchy tune
a song that holds the path
to reason’s hidden room

lying there, just to the left,
and on round the bend
in the hold of tomorrow’s new day

Listen to – Meaning’s Path by scotlee #np on #SoundCloud

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