A Chant for Repose

Chants can be meditated, hummed, sung, played from an instrument… however your spirit moves you. 

Chant for Repose

the strings hum softly
the strings ring slowly
the light is dimming

sing how

the skies are turning
the sun is westing
the moon is cresting

it glows

the peace is setting
the peace is sending
a restful sleep now

we grow

and dreams are dressing
a simple blessing
the morrow’s waiting


a new day rising
brings sunlight shining
a life for living

we know

As a chant, you can add your own verse from whatever your spirit speaks to you.  Something like

My heart beats on
my life renews
seeking now

to hold


the day was trying
I’ll not be whying
for still I’m trying

breath now

then repeat any or all parts as your spirit leads until you find a peace arrives.


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