Beyond the Temple

Non-timeless represents things which hold you to a specific moment in time. Choose your non-timeless anchors consciously rather than merely what society teaches.

Beyond the Temple

Longing for happiness
we miss the point of this.

Life’s dream is but a construct
nothing less than an obstruct.

Feel it.

If all you do is,
keep looking through this
then all you find is,
more non-timeless.

Do it

Stop trying
No more buying
Give up the whying
And begin again …sighing.

It’s not so easy,
and yet it’s simple
Life’s reason
lies beyond the temple

It’s here and now
sans the how

Know it.

Sing and dance! life’s whimsical chance
Embrace the moment! supplant and know it
In fluid keep, spice and beat, blood or treat

See it.

Drink it now,
Drink it deep.

Be it.

Listen to – Beyond the Temple by scotlee #np on #SoundCloud

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