The Irrelevance of Time and Our Perspective of Event Order

The continuing ponderances and ramblings on the meaning of time.  Just to show how far out there my mind is.  This is a continuation of thoughts from:

We need to let go our concept of time.  What does time mean to the universe?   An order and or relative rate of events? Perhaps with the speed of light as the limiter?

What does the universe care about our perspective of time?  Why should the universe see it the same?

Is it not our construct that cognitively causes us to see it the way we do? 

Does the universe see an event such as a super nova as a star exploding?  Why doesn’t it see the reverse… a star imploding?   Isn’t it possible that it exists for there to be an understanding of events from what would seem a predictive perspective to us?  (ie the reverse order) Remove the idea of the complexity of a star and look at a simple math equation.  Can we not predict mathematical outcomes based upon information provided?

Oh, ok.  Quantum laws necessitate uncertainty.   Ok, well within our realm of existence we have measure of certain things without any uncertainty (or little that we can determine).   Is there not a place with another perspective that shares different uncertainties?

Is it just possible that the universe holds all different perspectives of time and relative orders of events?

Personally, I think the universe could care less about time.  I think all things simply are, or or are not.  It’s just our makeup that scripts we see things the way we do.

And that fits nicely with the concept that anything can happen to anything but not everything happens to everything but that’s another discussion.   😉

Our existence and the universe we perceive is an expression (ours) of potential as demonstrated in this realm of existence. (our Implied Reality) There are infinite numbers of potential perspective, this is just ours as dictated by the laws of physics as we know them and how we see things from here.

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