How Physics Will Change In the Next 100 Years

It would seem my perspectives on ‘time’ are not unique.   (shock lol) Here is an excerpt and link to Nobel Laureate’s  story on his predictions for where science will lead in 100 years below.

(Lots of information to be found in his story.   I’m still reading and digesting….)

From Frank Wilckzek’s
How Physics Will Change -And How Physics Will Change the World  – in 100 Years

Hermann Weyl expressed this memorably:

The objective world simply is, it does nothappen. Only to the gaze of my consciousness, crawling along the lifeline of my body, does a section of this world come to life as a fleeting image in space which continuously changes in time.

I predict that, in 100 years, Weyl’s vision—which, in essence, goes back to the Greek philosophers Parmenides and Plato—will be fully vindicated, as the fundamental laws will no longer admit arbitrary initial conditions. “What is” and “what happens” will be understood as inseparable aspects of a single, trans-temporal reality.

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