Arrogance and Other Daily Challenges, Seeking My Path

Finding another undesirable example (as if there were any shortage) in my own arrogance and self-centered life perspective; recognized to better choose the path of my life and shared if by chance there is some resonance for same in others….

a Cause, for my most frequent and at times challenging stress seems to stem from the effort required to maintain my minimum livable subsistence in this world.

Sometimes it would seem there is little different in personal investment required between a ‘minimal’ existence and one that might lead to more material results. One can work as hard at any number of endeavors, some rewarded monetarily,some not.

The goal is not to avoid this, nor to change priority that leads to greater material reward; but to become better adept at removing volatility from daily life in meeting one’s needs for physical survival.

Truly it must be a luxurious question to even be in a position to contemplate this. I should simply just let go this arrogance and embrace the true simplicity of existence and purpose available to all creation. Is it not there where a true release is to be found?

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