An Existent Manifesto

For the goodness of us all, for the hope of tomorrow…

What is an Existent Manifesto?
A collective statement of coexistence, belief, and purpose shared by and for the benefit of all humanity.

Author’s Note
Wisdom hungers for a more broad summation of a moral life.  A life of honor, love, and sustaining coexistence.

I post this in hope of promoting thoughtfulness and discussion for what we might strive for as individuals in this life.

An Existent Manifesto
for an ongoing pursuit of wisdom and the benefit of humanity

Our Purpose
To honor and promote harmony of co-existence with:
our world
things beyond our moment

~It is incumbent upon the individual to provide and care for themselves to the full extent of their ability.

~It is incumbent upon individuals to also support others.

~Individual differences have value and are to be celebrated.

~Individuals should avoid action taken at the expense of others.

~Individuals should put the needs of others above their own.  groups should prioritize the needs of individuals.

~Harmony is desirable though not required.

~It should be assumed that existence necessitates an individual’s need to consume resource.

~It should be the goal of all to consume any resources in a mindful and most sustainable method.

~Happiness is not the goal.  existence brings all experiences and all experiences should be embraced for their meaning and contribution to what is incumbent to existence.

~There is nothing more meaningful and interconnected with all in this realm of existence than the very next action you choose to take.

There is the hope that someday the differences between us will bring only cause for celebration while the borders and division of politic and uncertainty would crumble and disappear. It is our purpose to live a peaceful supportive life that promotes humanity to its potential.

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